As an independent, online auction company our credit card processor will cancel us if we offer pre 1898 firearms, which are completely legal to sell in California and the rest of our republic. That's why we are not accepting credit cards for this auction. More recently, Capitol One, Apple Pay, and Pay Pal updated their policies to prohibit gun purchases for its customers. Financial access discrimination based on political beliefs is un-American and wrong — but it’s happening.

Societal decline begins by limiting the free exchange of ideas, and it’s up to all Americans to ensure our rights aren’t stripped away. We must stand up to attempts to overtake our schools, media platforms, banks, and government agencies so America continues to guarantee freedom of religion, speech and press to all who come after us.

We don’t virtue signal or punish at Annex Auctions. We trust our clients can think for themselves and if they find this material offensive they will simply leave.

We hope however, they find it provocative. It’s intended to be an intriguing exhibition of propaganda and coercion. Some of which created good and some bad but neither was as absolute as the purveyors intended.

Our objective with this themed auction is to liberate material culture from cancelation. We do this not because we want conflict or because we support hate speech, racism or worse. Quite the contrary. We believe banning historic material from society only eliminates our ability to objectively analyze history, so we can make educated decisions about our future.