The revolutionary new online auction platform, www.annexauctions.com is ready to launch!

Please join us for the soft opening of the Inaugural Discovery Auction. Our goal with this site is to offer single owner collections, themed auctions and various owner sales of curated property to create interesting sales of diverse and desirable material for the casual collector who just wants to know the items they're buying are real. Know, when you buy from annex auctions you can trust every item was selected by our discriminating team of consignment directors who scour the boondocks, hinterlands and crowded inner cities searching for fresh discoveries for you, our customers

The systems have been streamlined to make the buying process even easier. Our shipping costs remain transparent and predictable but the check out process has been simplified. If you buy a lot from annexauctions you will be emailed an invoice that includes shipping and insurance. A few clicks and a credit card payment later and your item will be in route with an easy to follow tracking number.

While we do not anticipate any issues please do let us know if you experience anything other than a spectacular shopping experience.

Happy hunting,

Brian Witherell, COO

Witherell’s Inc